About Our Staff

Katsuhiro Yamasaki, Executive Chef & Owner
His root comes from two parts, one from a cozy sushi restaurant that his parents ran in Wakayama and another from Kitcho, one of the highest Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto, Japan where he began his chef career. He learned the most fundamentals of the perfection of Japanese cuisine from these two different styles of restaurants. After 13 years of extensive experience as a chef in Japan, he came to the Bay Area with his wife, Mayumi, and started to work at a busy sushi restaurant, former Toshi’s Sushiya, that was later changed to a Japanese Kaiseki restaurant, Kaygetsu, in Menlo Park. He has been creating "Contemporary Japanese cuisine" since April 2008 at Wakuriya.



Mayumi Yamasaki, Floor Manager
Mayumi started her career at Kitcho in Kyoto, Japan. There she learned the basic technique to serve authentic Japanese cuisine with real Japanese hospitality in her mind. She further develop her experience at Toshi’s Sushiya and Kaygetsu after she came to the US with her husband, Katsuhiro.



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