About Wakuriya

WAKURIYA is comprised of two words: one from “WA” that means “Japanese”, “harmony”, and “gentle” in Japanese; another from “KURIYA” that means “kitchen” used in ancient Japan. We combine these two words to form WAKURIYA as our restaurant name with strong passion to present a new style of Japanese cuisine: one that maintains its deep roots in authentic Japanese culture and tradition, yet breathes new life into a deliciously innovative cuisine.

It is our hope that you will enjoy our Japanese cuisine with carefully selected sake and wine at WAKURIYA.

About Our Cuisine

Our dinner consists of pre-fixed course with nine dishes. We use the best ingredients, including fresh seafood, poultry, meat, and seasonal vegetables, which may vary occasionally depending on market.

Credit Cards
We accept most major credit cards

We take reservations up to six persons.We do not take reservations via email or thru any website.We take reservations exactly one month in advance to calendar date (not 30days),start 12am and first come first in... .

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